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H.E.A.R.T mourns the loss of one of our own!

The passing of Holocaust historian Robert Kuwalek


Guest Publication by

Carmelo Lisciotto

[photos added to enhance the text]




Robert Kuwalek

What is there to say to when one loses a dear friend? You can offer sympathies, condolences for the loss, a shoulder to lean on and all of your support, but when one loses a giant in his field, a man who singlehandedly did more  to promote the historical narrative of one of mankind's most infamous periods of history, there simply are no words.

Belzec - Robert Kuwalek

The loss of such a great man isn't just a tragedy for the Kuwalek family, or for his friends, colleagues, and the historical community.


It is a loss for all of humanity!


Robert was a founding member of H.E.A.R.T, as well as of the Action Reinhard Camps group, and contributed much in the way of documentary evidence, personal research and individual guidance to future historians from all over the world.


He was a beacon of education for the Polish people, and represented the educational community of his nation proudly. Robert was not simply a leading authority on the death camps, he was also an ambassador to heads of state and those who visited both the Majdanek and Belzec death camps.


I  personally recall many hours working with Robert, skimming through old files, photos, etc. but most of all I recall our times when the research was over, hanging around in the pubs and restaurants of Lublin, and Krakow, Izbica and so many other locations of Nazi atrocities scattered throughout Poland.


I learned so much from this man.

His knowledge of World War 2, of the Nazi invasion, the genocide, the camps, was beyond compare!. However it was the man himself, his personality, his stories, his humor and his good hearted nature that will remain with me more than all of his great works!


That is the Robert Kuwalek I knew, and the Robert I was honored to know.


There will be eulogies, speeches and praise for him, but he probably wouldn't have cared, the Robert Kuwalek

I knew was a simple guy, a good man, and yes a great scholar!


He will be remembered by all those who knew him, and his works will continue to be studied by those who seek knowledge, and factual history about the events of the Holocaust.


It pleases us to have so much of Roberts work published here at H.E.A.R.T and at our sister site www.deathcamps.org we pledge to maintain his research for all future scholars.


Rest in peace Robert!


-Carmelo A. Lisciotto & the entire team at H.E.A.R.T




A support website has been setup for donations to aid the family of Robert Kuwalek at this URL:



































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