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The essays from this section of the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team website represent a selection of the best pieces of coursework for the Department of History, University of Northampton (to the academic year 2007/8). 

Each text was originally presented as part of the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree; and as such, each conforms to the normal scholarly standards and conventions expected for written work in Higher Education. 

Furthermore, all of the following essays received top marks in the four Northampton courses on, or relating to, Nazi genocides against the disabled, Roma and Sinti travelers, and especially European Jewry:

  • The Holocaust and its Histories (Year 1) 

  • "Fascism's Century"  -Fascist Ideology 1919 - Present (Year 3)

  • The Holocaust (Year 3)

  • Select year 3 dissertations (10,000 word papers relating to Nazi Genocide).

Given the vast subject matter, and in particular, the difficulty of synthesizing primary and secondary sources in response to a preset, interpretative question, the undergraduate essays here merit substantial recognition, both in terms of the effort originally expended in writing and the polished final product in evidence here

In light of these considerations, the present papers collectively represent a model for future students writing on this topic.  Yet they are also valuable insights into essential aspects of the planning, execution and responses to the Holocaust in their own right.  For further reference, some of these specific features are briefly treated at the top of each essay.

For further discussion of these essays, courses on the Holocaust at the University of Northampton, or for enquiries about the History BA course generally, please contact the History Admissions Tutor, Dr Matthew Feldman, at the following email address:
















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