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Der Untermensch

"The subhuman"

The Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team has faithfully translated this infamous Nazi text from the original versions printed in both the German and Russian language. The purpose of this translation is for readers to understand the methods in which the Nazi propaganda machine would seek to dehumanize the victims of its  genocidal actions.

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Soviet Cities

In the photo:

Above to the left - Soviet cities were an inconceivable hell, into which millions of people, detached away from their land, broke out in order to vegetate in the stuffy half-basement accomodations.

On to center - so beg Soviet young people

Above to the right - you don’t have to think too hard , it is worthwhile only to glance at that, which serves as a bed for some people in the Soviet Union.

If there is board or a bundle of straw, then everything is good for them. However, if someone lies directly on the roadside, well no one  pays attention at him.

Below - we see the glorious Russian worker!





                       In the photo  →


To the left above - the work is done, comfortably seated, rests French worker.


To the right above - caring and industrious Finnish people make reserves.


In the center to the left - the happy group of Turkish children.


In the center to the right - merry Norwegian children.


Below to the left - supper in the family of Flemish peasant.


Below to the right – lunch break for workers in the spacious and flooded by sunlight, Norwegian

public dining room.



Crawling into their mud huts, hidden under the boards is how thousands of people lived. If they are happy, then only by fact, that looking in the future, they hope to rest from the hell of their filthy  earthen caves.  


The mud huts of the subhuman


But the majority, die in the misery of malnutrition and exhaustion of the forced work camps.


In the photo:


In the center - in the gloomy cold barracks, which hard to name a house, people conduct the animal means of life.

Below to the left and to the right - and everything that the peasant rears/grows/harvest, the Soviet regime confiscates everything immediately.





                                                In the photo

From top to bottom -

Everything is done, old Greek was immersed into his memories…. rest on the pension of this pair of fishermen from Pomerania. ….; …the cheerful children of Slovenia;

 …industrious Hungarian peasant women are happy about a harvest of vegetables and fruits.



The Jew succeeds in the Soviet State, by trying to eradicate true man. They proclaim the peasant is the mortal enemy of the Soviet State.


By force they demean him to the level of an animal. Looking around at his own land the peasant realized he had become the slave, working exclusively for the Jewish owner.

The peasant slave


In the photo:

Above - this person has a Mark of  Proletariat, the brand of system and cruelty;

In the center to the left – If a man wanted or he didn’t, they forced him to go from kolkhoz to kolkhoz (community farm).  Man owned nothing, he didn’t have neither earth nor dwelling.

In the center to the right - wages of peasant - these several spoons of thin soup of the Soviet kitchen

Below - it was even strange to see this house in the village in a state of neglect, indeed people more and more greatly dug themselves into the earth and had almost underground existence under the slogan :

The European farmer and farm

To work - not to stand !  



Yet God keeps European peasants who are proud to go to their fields, harvesting grain and enjoying life on beautiful farmland.

                                                   In the photo

                     To the left below - hereditary farm in the upper Bavaria.

                     To the right below - new farm in Rumania.



Here we see the “comfortable” house of the Soviet workers.

The slums of inhumanity


Poorly constructed, dirty and dangerous to live in. These slums of inhumanity hide behind the facades of the red-party leaders homes, or hidden behind the enormous factories.


In the photo:

In the center - Soviet worker lives worse than bushmen in Australia.

But each morning and each evening he can hopelessly stare at his beggarly house, comparing it with the facades of the elegant houses of its party leaders.


Below - it would seem, that these places are inappropriate even for our domestic animals.




                                                           In the photo

Above to the left - thus appear the houses of small German city.

Above to the right – the bright dwellings of the workers of Portugal and German suburbs.

In the center - yes, these are the enormous houses of large city.

Below - we safely and purely live, together with our children in the houses of old, new and eternal culture.


Jewish & subhuman art




“For the sake of the future we want to burn Rafael, to destroy its collections, to destroy these fine arts”. Thus sings a Soviet poet.

We know what he wants to say by this. What kind of art does the Jew create?  That same kind of art the same kind made of metal, cement and gypsum!







As bad as the Jew is, so are the Aryan man and his art noble!  The Aryan man makes his worldly become a reality.

Two subhuman's

Two human beings








The Jew argues - “God - is stupidity and cowardice!  



God indicates the authority of violence and misery! God - is evil For the Jew only Lucifer and Satan has meaning!


If you want to preserve the spirit of the faith of our fathers, you must speak against the church cries the Jew!

  “The Jew and subhuman’s hate everything that is holy.  That is why they robbed churches, and   converted them into factories.








For the Jew and inhuman the highest satisfaction comes from the destruction of churches! The  mere site of which seems to irritates them!


Aryan Europe is characterized by the belief in God, and also by the freedom of religious beliefs.







Here we see the contrast between the depravity of the church in Russia when compared to the clean holy churches in Germany!





Terror and fear are the most efficient means used by the Jews and the subhuman’s to break any form of resistance. They have invented cruel means for torture, terrifying tools designed to intimidate the masses.


Torture methods of the subhuman's


 ← In the photo

Above to the left - A man is chained into the hydraulic ram and pressed against the earth.

Above to the right - A man is locked into the cell and starved to death.

Below – To torture a man, they keep him standing upright with no room to move or sit for weeks at a time!

There is no limit to terrible intentions of tormentors, who came out from inhuman underworld.





                                                       In the photo

Above - are immeasurable scales of atrocities, conducted by the GPU in L'vov, Riga and Dudnov.

In the center - murder, similar to killings of animals. 

Below - brutal sadism.

Wanton murder by the subhuman's







Random murder by hand grenade!


                                 In the photo


                 Above - in narrow camera, hundreds of people, torn aparts by hand grenades.

                 In the center - at the bloody mash lie women with the disfigured faces.

                 Below – people locked and burnt alive.


"Mountain of corpses"




 ← A terrible scene, a mountain of corpses!




Inhuman suffering in the Soviet paradise






The terrible suffering and bitterness of countless of fathers, mothers, women, children, brothers and sisters, who were so terribly robbed of their loved ones, lives taken from them for ever!



The reality of the Soviet paradise exposed




 This is not a nightmare, this reality!

German soldiers can  now truly see what exists in the Soviet Union






as these Russian women cry!

The sufferning women of Europe!



Just as these Russian women cry from their suffering, so too would the good women of Europe suffer and cry!

The subhuman's are uniting to conquer the world. Woe to us all, if we do not unite to protect ourselves!


Europe, Unite! Protect Yourself!






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The original printed versions of the pamphlet "Der Untermensch"  Berlin, 1942 DHM, Berlin Do 56/685

Special thanks to  Hermann Feuer for his work on the German translation, and to Bulat Sultanov  for his work with the Russian language version.



Copyright: Carmelo Lisciotto   H.E.A.R.T  2008



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