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What follows are a number of documents translated into English for the International Military Tribunal which tried the leading members of the Nazi Third Reich after the German surrender.


We have selected a cross section of documents and affidavits in relation to the Holocaust but this is only a fraction of the documents produced for the trial, but it hopefully gives the reader a clear insight into one of the worst chapters of human history.


 The beginning of the end


PS 3363


Letter From Heydrich To The Chiefs Of All Einsatzgruppen Concerning The “Jewish Question In The Occupied Territories” 21 September 1939


The Chief of the Security Police

Reinhard Heydrich
Reinhard Heydrich

PP(II) -288/39 Secret


Berlin 21 September 1939

Express Letter


To the Chiefs of All Einsatzgruppen of the Security Police


Re: The Jewish Question in the Occupied Territory


With reference to the conference which took place today in Berlin, I would like to point out once more that the total measures planned (i.e. the final aim) are to be kept strictly secret.


A distinction is to be made between,


1. The final aim (which will take some time), and


2. Sections of the carrying out of this aim (which can be carried out within a short space of time.)


The measures planned require the most thorough preparation both from the technical and the economic point of view.


It goes without saying that the tasks in this connection cannot be laid down in detail. The following instructions and directives simultaneously serve the purpose of urging the chiefs of the Einsatzgruppen to practical considerations.




The first necessity for the attaining of the final aim is the concentration of the country Jews in the big towns. This is to be carried out immediately.


A distinction is to be made (1) between the territories of Danzig and West Prussia, Posen, Eastern Upper Silesia and (2) the remaining occupied territories. As far as possible the territories enumerated under (1) are to be cleared of Jews, but the very least to be aimed at is the formation of very few “concentration” towns.


In the territories mentioned under (2) as few “concentration” points as possible are to be established in order to facilitate later measures. Care must be taken that only such towns be chosen as concentration points as are either railroad junctions or at least lie on a railway.


It is laid down on principle that Jewish communities of less than 500 persons are to be dissolved and to be sent to the nearest “concentration” town.


This decree does not concern the territory of Einsatzgruppe 1 which, lying east of Krakow, is bordered by Polanico, Jaroslav, the new demarcation line and the former Slovak- Polish frontier. Within this territory only a temporary census of Jews need be taken. The rest is to be done by the Jewish Council of Elders dealt with below.




Jewish Council of Elders


1. In every Jewish community a Jewish Council of Elders is to be set up which, as far as possible, is to be formed from persons in authority and rabbis who have remained behind. Up to 24 male Jews (according to the size of the Jewish community) are to form the Council of Elders.


It is to be made fully responsible, within the meaning of the word, for the exact and punctual carrying out of all instructions issued or to be issued.


Lodz Judenrat
The Judenrat (counsel of Elders) in the Lodz Ghetto

2.In the event of the sabotaging of such instructions, the strictest measures are to be announced to the Council.


3.The Jewish Councils are to undertake a temporary census of the Jews – if possible arranged according to sex (ages (a) up to 16 years, (b) from 16 to 20 years, and (c) over) and according to the principal professions – in their localities, and to report thereon within the shortest possible period.


4.The Council of Elders are to be advised of the days fixed and the appointed times of the evacuation, the possibilities of evacuation, and finally the evacuation routes. They are then to be made personally responsible for evacuation of the Jews from the country. The reason for the concentrating of Jews in the towns is to be that Jews have to a very great extent participated in franc-tireur attacks and pillage.


5.The Councils of Elders in the “concentration” towns are to be made responsible for the suitable accommodation of the Jews from the country. The concentration of the Jews in the towns will probably, in the interests of general security, call for certain regulations in these towns, e.g. that certain quarters of the town be altogether forbidden to the Jews; that in the interests of economic necessity, they be forbidden to leave the Ghetto, forbidden to go out after a certain hour in the evening etc.  


6.The Council of Elders is to be made responsible for the suitable feeding of the Jews during their transportation to the towns. No objections are to be made if the departing Jews take their movable possessions with them, as far as this is technically possible.


7.Jews who do not comply with the order to move to the towns are, in certain cases to be given a short respite. They are to be advised of the most strict punishment if they do not comply with this time limit.




All necessary measures are, on principle, always to be taken in the closest agreement and co-operation with the German civil administration and the competent local military authorities.


When carrying out this action care is to be taken that the economic security of the occupied territories suffers no damage.


The needs of the army are to be the first consideration, e.g. it will hardly be possible, to begin with, to avoid leaving behind Jewish traders here and there who, for lack of other possibilities, must definitely remain behind for the provisioning of the troops. In such cases, however, the speedy Aryanisation of these industries is to be aimed at, in agreement with the competent local German administrative authorities, and the migration of the Jews completed.


It goes without saying that Jewish branches of industry and trade which are vital to the life of the community, the war effort, or the Four Year Plan must be maintained in order to safeguard economic interest in the occupied territories. In such cases, also, the quickest possible Aryanisation is to be aimed at and the migration of the Jews completed.


Finally, the food question in the occupied territories is to be taken into consideration. For example, if possible, land belonging to Jewish settlers is to be farmed with their own by the neighbouring German or Polish peasants, in an official capacity, so that the gathering in of the harvest still in the fields or the continued cultivation can be safeguarded. With regard to this important question, contact is to be made with agricultural expert consultants of the chief of civil administration.


In all cases where the interests of the security police on one hand and the German civil administration on the other are not in agreement, the individual measures in question are to be reported to me as quickly as possible before their execution and my decision awaited.




The chiefs of the Einsatzgruppen will report to me continually regarding the following circumstances:


1.Census of Jews in their districts (if possible in the above –mentioned groups). The numbers are to be divided into Jews who will be migrating from the country and those who are already in the towns.

Einsatzgruppen forcing Jews to dig their own graves
Einsatzgruppen forcing Jews to dig their own graves


2.Names of towns selected as “concentration” points.


3.The time limits set for the migration of the Jews to the towns.


4. Summary of all Jewish branches of industry and trade which are vital to the life of the community, the war effort, or the Four Year Plan.


If possible the following facts are to be established:


a. The type of undertaking (together with estimate of the possibility of the adaptation of the undertaking to one vital to the life of the community, the war effort, or the Four Year Plan)


b. Which of these undertakings it is most urgent to Aryanise (to avoid damage of any kind)? How is it proposed to effect the Aryanisation? Germans or Poles (this decision is dependent on the importance of the industry).


c. What is the number of the Jews employed in these industries (among those in the influential positions)? Can the industry be maintained without any more ado after the evacuation of the Jews, or does this require the allocation of German or Polish workers? To what extent? Insofar as it is necessary to bring in Polish workers, care must be taken to obtain them principally from the former German provinces, so that the Polish element there is consequently broken up. This question can only be dealt with through the intervention and co-operation of the organised German labour offices.




In order to attain the aims which have been set, I expect the fullest co-operation from all forces of the security police and the security service.


The neighbouring chiefs of the Einsatzgruppen must immediately get into touch with one another, in order that the territories in question may be dealt with in their entirety.




The OKH (Army High Command), the Plenipotentiary for the Four Year Plan (for the attention of State Secretary Neumann), the Reich Ministries of the Interior (for the attention of State Secretary Stuckart), for Food and Economy (for the attention of State Secretary Landfried), as well as the chiefs of the civil administration of the occupied territories have received a draft copy of this decree.







Chancellery Employee


True Copy




Major of the General Staff





Letter from Viktor Brack to Heinrich Himmler


Viktor Brack

SS- Oberfuhrer

Viktor Brack
Viktor Brack


Berlin 23 June 1942

W 8 Voss- Str 4


Top Secret




Reichsfuhrer – SS and Chief of German Police


Heinrich Himmler


Berlin SW 11

Prinz Albrecht Str. 8


Dear Reichsfuhrer


On the instructions of Reich-Leader Bouhler I placed some of my men – already some time ago- at the disposal of Brigadefuhrer Globocnik to execute his special-mission. On his renewed request I now transferred additional personnel.


On this occasion Brigadefuhrer Globocnik stated his opinion that the whole Jew-Action should be completed as quickly as possible so that one would not get caught in the middle of it one day if some difficulties should make a stoppage of the action necessary.


You yourself, Reichsfuhrer, have already expressed your view, that work should progress quickly for reasons of camouflage alone. Both points which in principle arrive at the same result are more than justified as far as my own experiences goes; nevertheless would you kindly allow me to submit the following argument.


Among 10 millions of Jews in Europe, I figure, at least 2-3 millions of men and women, who are fit enough for work. Considering the extraordinary difficulties, the labour problem presents us with I hold the view that these 2-3 millions should be specially selected and preserved.


This can however, only be done, if at the same time they are rendered incapable to propagate. About a year ago I reported to you that agents of mine have completed the experiments necessary for this purpose.


I would like the recall these facts once more. Sterilisation performed on persons with hereditary diseases, is here out of the question, because it takes too long and is too expensive. Castration by x-rays however, is not only relatively cheap, but can also be performed on many thousands in the shortest time. I think, that at this time it is already irrelevant whether the people in question, became aware of having been castrated after some weeks or months once they feel the effects.


Should you Reichsfuhrer, decide to choose this way in the interest of the preservation of labour, then Reichsleiter Bouhler would be prepared to place all physicians and other personnel needed for this work at your disposal.


Likewise he requested me to inform you, that then I would have to order the apparatus so urgently needed with the greatest speed.


Heil Hitler




(signed) Viktor Brack 



Certificate of Translation


12 November 1946


I, Siegfried Tauber Civ  A443415 hereby certify that I am thoroughly conversant with  the  English and German languages and that the above is a true and correct translation of the original document.  


Siegfried Tauber  

Civ A- 443415



Friedrich Kruger
Obergruppenfuhrer Friedrich Kruger

N0 5574


Lublin 19 July 1942


To The Higher SS and Police Leader East

SS – Obergruppenfuhrer KRUEGER




I herewith decree that the resettlement of the whole Jewish population of the Government General has to be carried out and terminated by 31 December 1942.


From 31 December 1942 on no persons of Jewish descent will be allowed to remain in the territory of the Government General, excepting those in the Jewish concentration camps of Warsaw, Cracow, Czestochowa, Radom and Lublin.


All work in which Jewish workers are being employed will have to be terminated by that time or, if this is impossible, will have to be transferred to one of the Jewish concentration camps.


These measures are necessary for the sake of the ethnic separation of races and peoples essential for the bringing about of the new order in Europe as well as in the interest of the security and cleanliness of the German Reich and its sphere of interests.


Disregarding this order means endangering the peace and order of the whole German sphere of interest, create a starting-point for resistance movements and a moral and physical centre of contagion.


For all these reasons the total clearing is necessary and has to be carried out. If it can be foreseen that this deadline cannot be adhered to, report ought to be made to me in good time so as to enable me to make necessary arrangements.


All requests from other offices for alterations or special permissions are to be made to me personally.


Heil Hitler




Certified true company



Certificate of Translation


I, Wera Solander Civ No B -397- 990 hereby certify that I am a duly appointed translator for the  English and German languages and that the above is a true and correct translation of the Document No. NO-5574


Wera Solander

Civ No B-397- 990




NO 2207


Dr Ing. Ganzenmueller

Staatssekretar of the Reich Ministry of Transportation


Deputy Managing Director of the German Reichsbahn


28 July 1942


Berlin W 8

Voss Str. 35

Phone: 12 0036



SS- Obergruppenfuhrer Wolf

Berlin SW 11

Prinz Albrecht Str


Personal Staff of the Reichsfuhrer –SS


Copy To


Dr Brandt

Gruf. Globocnik

Gruf. Krueger


2 August (Wolf)


Dear Party Member Wolf,


With reference to our telephone conversation of 16 July, I wish to pass on to you the following report from my General Directorate of the Eastern Railways (Gedob) at Cracow for your information:


“Since 22 July one train per day with 5,000 Jews, goes from Warsaw via Malkinia to Treblinka, as well as two trains per week with 5,000 Jews each, from Przemysl to Belzec.


Gedob is in constant touch with the Security Service at Cracow. The latter agrees that transports from Warsaw via Lublin to Sobibor (near Lublin) should be interrupted, as long as building on this route makes these transports impossible (about October 1942).”


This train service has been fixed in agreement with the Chief of the Security Service for the Generalgouvernment and Police Fuhrer of the district of Lublin, SS- Brigadefuhrer Globotschnigg, has been informed.


Heil Hitler


Yours faithfully,


(signature) Ganzenmueller

AR 10/ 19/ 42


Fuhrer Headquarters

13 August 1942


Dr Ing. Ganzenmueller

Staatssekretar of the Reich Ministry of Transportation


Deputy Managing Director of the German Reichsbahn


Berlin W 8

Voss Str. 35


Dear Party Member Ganzenmueller,


Thank you very much also in the name of the Reichsfuhrer SS, for your letter of 28 July 1942. I was especially pleased to learn from you that already for a fortnight a daily train, taking 5,000 members of the Chosen People every time, has gone to Treblinka, and that enables us to speed up this movement of population.


I have contacted the departments concerned myself, so that the smooth carrying out of all these measures seems to be guaranteed. I thank you again for your efforts in this matter and should like to ask you to continue to give this matter your attention.


With best regards and Heil Hitler


Yours faithfully,


(Initials) W (Wolf)


13 August 1942


Certificate of Translation


I, Gerta Kannova No 20, 181 hereby certify that I am thoroughly conversant with the English and German languages and that the above is a true and correct translation of the Document No. NO-2207



Gerta Kannova

 No 20 181  




NO- 1611


The Reichsfuhrer SS


Journal Nr: A R 31/22/42




Personal Staff Reichsfuhrer SS

Document Division

File Nr Written: secret G 126


Field Command Post 9 October 1942


Heinrich Himmler



 I wish to state the following with reference to the memorandum from the Wehrkreis Commander in the General Government (occupied Poland) to the OKW, concerning the substitution of Poles for Jewish labour.


1. I have given orders that all of the so-called armament workers, who work only in tailoring, fur and shoemaking  workshops, are to be gathered together in concentration camps on the spot, that is in Warsaw, Lublin, by the SS- Obergruppenfuhrer KRUEGER and POHL.


The Army is to give their orders to us, and we guarantee that the delivery of the articles of clothing requested by it shall continue. However, I have given directions to proceed unrelentingly against all those who believe that they have to oppose this step with so-called armament interests, but who in reality only wish to support the Jews and their business.


2. The Jews who are in actual armament firms, that is, in weapon –production shops, motor-car workshops, etc are gradually to be taken out. As the first step, they are all to be in one workshop, in each plant. As the second step in this procedure, the workers of these separate workshops are to be put together, as far as possible, in separate factories through an exchange, so that eventually we would have only a few separate concentration camp factories in the General Government.


3. We will then strive to substitute Poles for these Jewish workers, and to reduce most of these Jewish concentration camp factories, to a few large Jewish concentration camp factories if possible, in the East of the General Government.


 Of course, there too, the Jews shall someday disappear, in accordance with the Fuhrer’s wishes.


Signed  H.Himmler


For correctness


Signature Brandt

                 SS- Ostbf.



Distribution :


SS- Ogruf. POHL




SS- Ogruf. Wolff

(three copies for the information of Quartermaster – General WAGNER and Lt Colonel TIPPELSKIRCH)



Certificate of Translation


I, Evelyn J. Gray, D 024 204, hereby certify that I am thoroughly conversant with the English and German languages and that the above is a true and correct translation of the Document No. NO-1611


Evelyn J. Gray

D 024 204  





 NO- 4070


Hans Bodo Gorgass



I Hans Bodo Gorgass, swear, depose and state:


1. I was born in Leipzig, Germany on 19 June 1909. From 1916 until 1920 I attended the primary school at Cossebaude near Dresden. From 1920 to 1929 I attended the Schiller high school in Leipzig; thereafter I went to University at Leipzig which I attended until 1935, there I studied medicine and passed my state examination


Hans Bodo Gorgass
Defendants at the Hadamar Trial 1947 Hans Bodo Gorgass (second row on right)

From 1936 until 1 December 1939 I worked as assistant physician in various mental institutions in Hessen – Nassau. From 1 December 1939 until April 1941 I was army physician in the Wehrmacht. From April 1941 until April 1942 I was draft deferred as essential for special duties in the Chancery of the Fuehrer relative to Euthanasia matters.


In July 1933 I joined the SA, my last rank was medical Obersturmfuehrer, I joined the Party on 1 May 1937. I was furthermore a member of the NS medical association, the NSV and the NS – Alumni Association.


From June 1941 until November 1941 I was assistant physician of the institution in Hadamar and am therefore in a position to make the following statement.


2. In the beginning of my activities in the Euthanasia programme I was informed that Professor Karl Brandt was the chief and Viktor Brack the executive head of Euthanasia. I was convinced that Brandt was the leading spirit and Brack the operator of the so-called Euthanasia.


3. In June 1941 I was ordered to accompany Dr. Schumann on an official trip to the concentration camp Buchenwald. The purpose of this trip was to acquaint me with the assignment of concentration camp inmates for Euthanasia institutions.


This was my only visit to any concentration camp. Dr Schumann was shown approximately 100 concentration camp inmates by the camp physician in charge and questionnaires were filled out. They were not merely insane persons.


According to my best knowledge and belief our one day visit in the concentration camp Buchenwald was made at Brandt’s order issued by Brack.


4. Police Captain Wirth, whom I knew personally and who was administrative director in several Euthanasia institutions, told me late in summer 1941 that he had been transferred by the “foundation” to a Euthanasia institute in the Lublin area.


 5. Euthanasia was stopped in the middle of August 1941, in the institute Hadamar where I worked. We were told this was done for administrative reasons. We were told however, that Euthanasia might be taken up again any day.


End of November 1941 I left Hadamar; I was first assigned to the Todt Organisation and later at my request, to the Army. From that time on I had nothing to do any more with Euthanasia


I have read the above statement consisting of one page in German and state that it is the full truth according to the best of my knowledge and belief. I had the occasion to make changes and corrections in the above statement.


I have made this statement of my own free will, without any promise of reward and I was under no duress nor compulsion.



Signature: Hans Bodo Gorgass


Before me, Fred Rodell, U.S. Civilian, AGO Identification No 432576


Interrogator, Evidence Division Office of Chief Counsel for War Crimes, appeared Hans Bodo Gorgass to me known, who in my presence signed the foregoing statement consisting of one page in the German language and swore that the same was true.


On the 23rd February 1947


Signature: Fred Rodell


Certificate of Translation


I, George N. Grant Civ No A 442 694 herby certify that I am thoroughly conversant with the English and German languages and that the above is a true and correct translation of the document No. NO 3010



George N. Grant

Civ No. A 442 694




Letter From Greiser to RFSS Heinrich Himmler


NO -246



Reich Governor

Of the Reichsgau Wartheland




1 May 1942

Schlossfreiheit 13

Telephone No. 1823 24


Top Secret




To the Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler

Fuhrer – Headquarters





Arthur Greiser
Gauleiter Arthur Greiser

The special treatment (Sonderbehandlung) of about 100,000 Jews in the territory of my district, approved by you in agreement with the Chief of the Reich- Main- Security- Office, SS- Obergruppenfuhrer Heydrich, can be completed within the next 2-3 months.


I ask you for permission to rescue the district immediately after the measures taken against the Jews, from a menace, which is increasing week by week, and use the existing and efficient special commandos for that purpose.


There are about 230,000 people of Polish nationality in my district, who were diagnosed to suffer from TB. The number of persons infected with open Tuberculosis is estimated at about 35,000.


This fact has lead in an increasing frightening measure to the infection of Germans, who came to the Warthegau perfectly healthy. In particular, reports are received with ever increasing effect of German children in danger of infection.


A considerable number of well known leading men, especially of the police, have been infected lately and are not available for the war-effort because of the necessary medical treatment.


The ever increasing risks were also recognised and appreciated by the deputy of the Reich Leader for Public Health Comrade Professor Dr. Blome as well as by the Leader of your X-Raybatallion SS Standartenfuhrer Professor Dr. Hohlfelder.


Though in Germany proper it is not possible to take appropriate draconic steps against this public plague, I think I could take responsibility for my suggestion to have cases of open TB exterminated among the Polish race here in the Warthegau.


Of course only a Pole should be handed over to such an action, who is not only suffering from open tuberculosis, but whose incurability is proved and certified by a public health officer.


Considering the urgency of this project I ask for your approval in principle as soon as possible. This would enable to make the preparations now to get the action against the Poles suffering from open tuberculosis under way, while the action against the Jews is in its closing stages.


Heil Hitler


(signature) GREISER



Certificate of Translation


I Max Wagner, 59,854, hereby certify that I am thoroughly conversant with the English and German languages and that the above is a true and correct translation of Document No. NO-246




NO 4465


Letter Regarding Gas Chambers at Auschwitz



31 March 1943


26171/ 43/ 12/ Schul.


Subject: Order 2261 /80/17 of 18 January 1943 BW 30 b


Ref: Your letter of 24 March1943. No 6056-43


Encl: None



Deutsche Ausrustungswerke G.m.b.H


Plant Auschwitz O.S.


You are informed with reference to the above-mentioned letter that three gas-tight chambers are to be completed in accordance with the order of 18 January 1943. For the “BW 30 b and 30 C” exactly similar in measurements and type, to the chambers previously supplied.


On this occasion, we would remind you of a further order of 6 March 1943 concerning supply of a new gas door 100/192 for corpse cellar I of Crematorium III, BW 30a, which is to be manufactured exactly according to type and measurement of the cellar door of the opposite crematorium II with a peep-hole of double 8mm glass with rubber packing and steel frame. This order is to be treated as specially urgent.


The trap door ordered on 23 January 1943 for BW 30 as well as 1 piece of blind frame door need not be furnished; this order is cancelled. The prepared 10 cbm of firewood will be collected at the first opportunity.



The Chief of Central Building of the

Waffen- SS and Police Auschwitz


SS Sturmbannfuhrer Kiefer (initials)


Certificate of Translation


I Frank W.Young, AGO –D429702, US civilian, hereby certify that I am thoroughly conversant with the English and German languages, and that the above is a true and correct translation of Document No. NO-4465


Frank W. Young

AGO- D429702

NO -485


Report on Jewish Work Camps by Odilo Globocnik



The SS- Polizeifuhrer

In the District of Lublin


Lublin 21 June 1943


Top Secret


Gl/TJournal  No 642/43


To the

Personal Staff Reichsfuhrer – SS


Attention: SS- Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr Brandt


Berlin SW 11

Prinz – Albrecht- Strasse 8


Dear Brandt,


I have prepared a report about the work camps for the utilisation of Jewish manpower which is to be organised according to the wishes of the Reichsfuhrer-SS, and am sending it to you as an enclosure.


From this you can see , that 45,000 people are already put to work, and that this work level will be raised considerably in the next few months. But in the giving of orders, we have not been considered, - I do not want to use another expression – and therefore the danger is existing that we are only little utilised at times.


I am convinced that the reasons are as follows:


  1. The antagonistic attitude of some offices towards the SS.

  2. The greediness of private societies, who today, in the 4th year of the war, cannot make up their minds to close their doors.


I can determine that after the different excuses that are used.


I would be very thankful, if the Reichsfuhrer – SS would direct a letter to the High Command of the Army, to the Reichs Ministry for Economy etc, in which he points out without mentioning these negative angles, what work capacities are available and which manpower saving could , therefore, still be made in the Reich.


Our enterprises here are still too unknown, for some well-willing and well-meaning agencies to make use of them. Therefore a letter of the Reichsfuhrer –SS could cause, that first of all these enterprises would get known, and second that they are regarded as ordered by him. Basing on this fact, I could also act much more effectively.


With kindest regards,


Heil Hitler




(Signature) GLOBOCNIK

SS- Gruppenfuhrer and General-lieutenant of the Police



Top Secret





The organisation of the SS- work camps with Jews used for forced labour has the following result so far:


  1. At the moment, there are 45,000 Jews in the camps, they are employed as follows:



SS – Work Camp Poniatowa


With a work capacity per week of:


Blouses, Pants and Coats


Shirts or underwear




Socks, pairs




Musette Bags


Pistolbelt suspenders



At the moment there is work for 3 months on hand.


In consideration of the new organisation, at present 60% of the work capacity is utilised.



SS Work Camp Trawniki


Present orders on hand for 3 quarters of a year, as follows:


Fur Coats




Fur Caps


Fur Gloves



Expected are approximately 300 freight cars with fur repairs.


Present utilisation of work capacity 90%


Budzyn Labour Camp 
The Budzyn Labor Camp

SS Work Camp Budzyn


Airplane construction Heinkel being organised


German Equipment Works


Woodworking utilised 100% - besides other work, remodelling of trucks and production of shovel handles, roofing paper, manufacture of packing cases for the Wehrmacht, furniture for settlements, manufacture of wooden shoes (50,000 pair per month), repair of boots, which are delivered from the front.


Clothing Manufacturing Plant


Working up and sorting of the delivery REINHARDT – until today 1800 freight cars of textiles have been delivered. The delivered objects are sorted, checked, cleaned and shipped.


Bristle – and brush plant with orders on hand for three and a half million brushes for the Wehrmacht and 1 peat plant with deliveries of 10,000 tons for 1943. Utilisation 100%.


Concentration Camp Lublin


Organisation of the camp, supplying of several workshops necessary for the war effort with workers. Sorting of bristles and braiding of willow and straw shoes. Utilisation at present 50%.


The remainder consists of a labour reserve for plants still to be taken into the concentration camps, for example equipment of airplane interiors, and airplane instruments, which are to be brought in shortly. About 10% will be evicted after final distribution of work.


Furthermore an explosive plant is to be taken over, and an automobile salvage plant for vehicles damaged at the front.

2.Increase in performance, at present verified as 20% can already be recorded in comparison with the previous condition.

3. Now Bialystok is also to be transferred to this district. Litzmannstadt is still under discussion. Concerning Litzmannstadt I suggest, to attach well qualified workers and machines to the work camp Poniatowa, to enlarge this camp accordingly, and then to transfer the whole production from Litzmannstadt to Poniatowa.


Thus Litzmannstadt could be liquidated, since of the 78,000 Jews living there now, only a part is working in war production.


4. The difficulty arising now is, that the offices of the Wehrmacht are holding back orders to the well-working SS-work camps. They do not refuse the placement of orders, but they give us the reply, “that orders have just been placed, and that we would be considered the next time, or that in this or that district no work were at hand etc.”


But also in the professional branches of the Reich, within the borders of the Reich, who are responsible for the distribution of the jobs, there is little intention to give work to those places of production.


Litzmannstadt was lately loaded with orders, to prevent a resettlement, while the same orders could have been transferred to here, and thereby an automatic inactivation would have resulted.


The work camps were organised here to:


a)    Relieve the industry of the Reich

b)    Thereby to make people in the Reich available

c)    To establish relocation for bombed-out plants

d)    Through an all-out effort and appropriate supervision, not only to increase production, but also to give the guarantee, that deliveries are made in time. Furthermore all greedy intentions are eliminated, as all net proceeds go to the Reich.


These reasons do not seem to please the German professional branches, as they see a loss of profit therein.


I therefore request a central instruction, that current orders be given to the camps available here, and that also further industries be relocated to this district. Through the taking over of Bialystok and possibly Litzmannstadt , many more labourers become available and therefore we can count on a considerable increase of the number of labourers by the end of the year.


It is easily possible to comply with the request of the Reichsfuhrer to create plants in Jewish villages from which the inhabitants were evicted but when orders are not given and resettlements of plants are not being made, it is useless to erect any new camps.


Furthermore I am of the opinion, that the development of the war could place on our production such burdens, that we cannot prepare enough relocations.


(Signature) GLOBOCNIK

SS- Gruppenfuhrer and General-lieutenant of the Police



Certificate of Translation


I Siegfried Tauber, Civilian A- 443 415, hereby certify that I am thoroughly conversant with the English and German languages and that the above is a true and correct translation of document No. NO-485


Seigfried Tauber

Civ. A-443 415




NO 2614


Excerpt From The Transcript of The IMT Case No 1


Georg Konrad Morgen, a witness, took the stand testified as follows:



Konrad Morgen
Konrad Morgen

By The President


Q. Will you state your full name please?


A. Georg Konrad Morgen


Q. Will you repeat this oath after me:


I swear by God, the Almighty and Omniscient, that I will speak the pure truth  and will withhold and add nothing.


The witness repeated the oath


The President: You may sit down


Q. First please describe the Lublin trial


A. One I received a report from the Kommandant of the Security Police in Lublin. He reported that in his district in a Jewish labour camp a Jewish wedding had taken place. There had been 1,100 invited guests at this wedding.


As I said 1,100 guests participated in this Jewish wedding. The dinner course was quite extraordinary and there was a large consumption of food and alcohol. Among these Jews were members of the SS troop, who took part in this function.


This report, which came in months later, said the Kommandant of the Security Police was suspicious and there had been a horrible accident. This was my impression as well and there was no indication of the corruption and crime.


With this intention, I went to Lublin and I reported to the Security Police there. Nothing was known about it, but I was told there was a possibility that this happened at a camp near Lublin. I found out the name of the Kommandant of the camp and learned that it was the Krimminal kommissar Wirth.


I asked Wirth whether this report was true and what it meant. To my great astonishment, Wirth admitted it. I asked him why he permitted members of his command to do this and Wirth revealed to me that on behalf of the Fuhrer he had to carry out the destruction of the Jews.


Q. Please go on, witness


A.  I asked Wirth what this had to do with the Jewish wedding. Then, Wirth described the method by which he carried out the extermination of Jews and he said as follows:


“One has to fight the Jews with their own methods and one has to shit on them.”


Wirth built up an enormous destruction manoeuvre. He selected Jews as service column leaders, then these Jews brought along other Jews, who worked under them.


With these smaller or medium sized details of Jews, he began to build up the extermination camps. He extended this staff of Jews and with these Jews, Wirth carried out the extermination of the Jews.


Wirth said that he had four extermination camps and about 5,000 Jews were working at the extermination of Jews and the seizure of Jewish property. In order to win Jews for this business of extermination and plundering of their fellow Jews, Wirth gave them freedom and, so to speak gave them a financial part in the exploitation of the victims. As a result of this attitude, this Jewish wedding had come about.


Then I asked Wirth how he killed Jews with these Jewish agents of his. Wirth described the whole procedure that went off like a film every time. The extermination camps were in the East of the Government General and in big forests or uninhabited lands.


They were built up like a village. The inhabitants expected to come into a city or settlement. The train drove into what looked like a railroad station. The operating personnel and the train personnel left the area. Then the cars were opened and the Jews got out.


They were surrounded by the Jewish details, and Kriminal kommissar Wirth or one of his representatives made a speech. He said, “Jews, you were brought here to be resettled, but before we organise this future Jewish State, you must of course learn how to work.


You must pick up a new occupation. You will learn that here. First, every one must take off his clothes so that your clothes can be disinfected and you can be bathed so that no epidemics will be brought into the camp.”


After he had found such calming words for his victims, they took up the road to death. Men and women were separated. At the first station, one had to give his hat; at the next one, his coat, his collar, his shirt, down to his shoes and socks.


These places were set up like checkrooms, and the person was given a check at each one so that the people believed that they would get their things back. The other Jews had to accept the things and hurry up the new arrivals so that they could not have time to think. The whole thing was like an assembly line. At the last stop they reached a big room. It was said that this was the bath. When the last one was in, the doors were shut and the gas was let into the room.


As soon as death had set in, the ventilators were started so that the air could be breathed again. The doors were opened, and the Jewish workers removed the bodies. By means of a special procedure which Wirth had invented, they were burned in the open air without the use of fuel.


Q. Was Wirth a member of the SS?


A. No, he was a Krimminal Kommisar in Stuttgart


Q. Did you ask Wirth how he arrived at this devilish system?


A. When Wirth took over the extermination of the Jews, he was already a specialist in mass destruction of human beings. He had previously carried out the task of removing the incurably insane.


On behalf of the Fuhrer himself, through the Chancellery of the Fuhrer, at the beginning of the war he had set up a detail, probably from agents and spies of the criminal police.


Wirth described how he went about carrying out this assignment. He received no aid, no instructions, but had to do it all by himself. He was given an institution in Brandenburg. There he undertook his experiments. After much consideration and many individual experiments, he came to his later system, and then this system was used on a large scale.


A commission of doctors previously investigated the files, and those insane who were considered to be incurable were put on a separate list. Then the institution one day was told to send these patients to another institution. From this institution the patient was transferred again, often more than once. Finally, he came to Wirth’s institution. There he was killed by gas and cremated.


Christian Wirth
Christian Wirth

This system which deceived the institutions and made them unknowing accomplices, this system that he worked out with very few assistants for being able to exterminate large numbers of people, this system Wirth now employed with a few improvements in the extermination of Jews. He was also given the assignment by the Fuhrer’s Chancellery to exterminate the Jews.


Q. The statements which Wirth made must have surpassed human imagination. Did you believe Wirth?


A. At first it seemed completely fantastic to me, but in Lublin I saw one of his camps. It was a camp in which I found part of the property of his victims. From the number of them- there were a great number of watches piled up – I had to realise that atrocities were being committed here.


I was shown the valuables. I never saw so much money, especially foreign money – all kinds, from all over the world. In addition there were gold bars.


I also saw that the headquarters from which Wirth directed his operations was very small and inconspicuous. He had only three or four people working there for him. I spoke to them too. I watched his courier arrive from Berlin, Tiergarten Strasse, the Fuhrers Chancellery. I investigated Wirth’s mail.


Of course I did not do all this at this first visit. I was there frequently. I prosecuted Wirth up to his death.


Q. Did Wirth give you names of people who were connected with this operation?


A.  Not many names were mentioned for the simple reason that the number of those who participated could be counted on one’s fingers. I remember one name; I think the name was Blankenburg , in Berlin.








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