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Join the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team Trip to Poland & the Ukraine


Fall of 2007


H.E.A.R.T is planning what appears to be another great trip to Poland to visit locations from the Holocaust, but this year we've extended the itinerary to include locations in the Ukraine.


"The Stockholm Conference on Education, Remembrance and Research"

At the conference Dr. Robert Sigel noted that visitors to Holocaust sites are drawn by the "aura of authenticity" in an effort to gain a more personal understanding of events and the lives and sufferings of its victims. Drawing on his work on Dachau, Sigel observed that historical locations provide tangible proof that the events took place and visitors are moved by the sensation that they can touch history. At Dachau, they seek to personalize both victims and perpetrators so visitors understand the humanity of the individual victims and factors the drove perpetrators to their crimes. Historical locations create a special desire and ability to understand the Holocaust, and allow visitors – through a sympathy and empathy for the victims – to better understand the events.


The Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team believes it's important to visit sites from the Holocaust to bear witness, to record, and to memorialize the victims, and  the tragedy that became known as the Shoah.

With each passing year, more of the remaining witnesses and survivors unfortunately pass on. In many places the effects of weather and time are ravaging what still remains of former Jewish life in the Pale. Locations of mass murder and destruction of entire communities are strangely being forgotten.

Only Holocaust deniers and revisionists benefit from this lost history!

H.E.A.R.T seeks to capture and record these last vestiges of history before they are lost forever.

This fall of 2007 we are opening the trip to 12 attendees. Currently 7 seats are filled and 5 slots are open to those who wish to be part of a historical trip into the past.

The trip will begin in Kiev, Ukraine. Visiting what's left of Babi Yar, we plan to view where the Syrets camp was located. Walk the famed Melnikov and Dokterev streets, and of course visit famed Khreshchatik St.

From there, the team will make its way westward towards Lvow, the third largest Jewish community in pre-war Poland. Visit the area of the former ghetto, see what's left of Janowska and the small work camp on Czwartakow Street.

Meet living witnesses, hear first hand testimony about the German roundup of Lvow's Jews and how so many innocent people met a terrible fate.

Also on the itenary are  Drohobycz, Zolkiev, Rawa Ruska, and many other locations between Kiev and Belzec.

Soon there will be very little first hand evidence of the Holocaust left. This trip should not be missed!

Guides for the trip will be directors from prestigious museums in Poland, as well as historical associations in the Ukraine. In addition you will meet the H.E.A.R.T team, and our associates from countries all over the world!

To learn more about the trip write to us at   H.E.A.R.T 2007

Tell us a little about yourself, your interest in the Holocaust, your studies (amateur or professional), why you would like to join the team, what you hope to gain from the experience.

We will update the website with detailed information on the itinerary, schedule, and will contact you directly with the costs and other travel related info.






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