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Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team

Our Mission

Today there are many resources available for those wishing to learn more of what the world has come to know as “The Holocaust” - the planned extermination of entire ethnic, religious, political, and other groups by the government of a sovereign state, Germany, and her allies during the years 1933 -1945.

Memorials, museums, and sufficient books to fill entire libraries are devoted to the subject. But the advent of the internet has created a new, globally accessible source of information on the Holocaust. Some of this information is valuable, often unique. Much of it, poorly researched and sourced, is not. The hateful writings emanating from the twisted minds of those who would deny the reality of what is irrefutable are much worse.

We believe that despite this multitude of available resources, there remains a wealth of detail to be made available. And so we have created these pages in the hope that our efforts will throw further light on what was perhaps the darkest period in human history. Since every project of the kind we have in mind must have considered objectives, this is what we will do – and what we will not: 

  • We will provide factual details based upon authenticated sources, which will be duly acknowledged. However, these pages are not intended for the professional historian (whose research we often rely upon), but rather for the general student. References to published works and other sources will therefore be kept to a minimum in order to facilitate navigation of the website.


  • We are dedicated to commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. Since the great majority of those victims were Jewish, the texts will reflect this fact.


  • We will use every resource at our disposal in order to create an appropriate memorial to the victims and their families. We will not forget.


  • We will add pages relevant to our subject matter over time. For now and in the immediate future, the website should be regarded as a work in progress. All pages will bear the initials of the principal authors of the relevant text.


  • We will not engage in debate or dispute. We are not a forum, nor do we wish to become involved in controversy. We will respond, efficiently and in detail, to any reasonable correspondence addressed to our secretary


  • We will welcome suitable texts or artefacts from anybody wishing to contribute to the website. However, we reserve the right to decide on whether or not to publish such material. We will not publish anything which is scurrilous or defamatory.


It is our hope that our website will become a reference work for all those who wish to explore the many complexities of this subject further, as well as a repository of the archival material we have sourced.                 







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