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A Dedication From The  H.E.A.R.T


It was once said that not remembering the Holocaust means to side with the executioners against its victims; not to remember means to kill the victims a second time; not to remember means to become an accomplice of the enemy. On the other hand, to remember means to feel compassion for the victims of all persecutions.

By solemnly commemorating the tragedy of the Holocaust, we will keep history in mind, never forget the past, cherish all lives, and create a better future.

Millions of souls were lost during the years of Nazi tyranny, and their passing has made the world a poorer place.

Many say "Never Again" while shrugging off the memory of the starving, the sick, and the dead.  Those images in black and white that have somehow made it all seem so distant, almost surreal, and suggestive of some fantasy rather than harsh reality. Some have even questioned if any of it ever even happened at all.

But the Holocaust did happen, and this is one reality that cannot be denied.

We seek to bring that reality to the forefront of the minds of all who seek the truth. So they too can commemorate the victims. So they too can learn to recognize tyranny. So they too can build a future where such atrocities are not everyday occurrences, but exist only as a historical record on sites like this one.  - H.E.A.R.T


"In politics there's absolutely nothing new. Again, out of impatience I feel myself beginning to fall into melancholy...   There is really no way out of this for us."     -Dawid Sierakowiak   

[Died, Lodz Ghetto August 8th, 1943]  -He was 19 years old.



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