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As an Educational Resource


The Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team website was designed to commemorate and educate visitors on a broad range of events that encompassed the Holocaust.

All material is available for Educational purposes and and if republished we ask that www.HolocaustResearchProject.org be credited as the source.

Because the H.E.A.R.T Website is an ongoing work, it differs from a paper-based reference source in some very important ways. In particular, older articles tend to be more comprehensive and balanced, while newer articles may still contain new researched information.

Users need to be aware  that in all cases any information published is believed to be true, and accurate at the time of the upload to this website.  However, unlike a paper reference source, the H.E.A.R.T website can be constantly updated, with new research and information on topical events being created or updated within minutes or hours, rather than months or years for printed encyclopedias.

The domain HolocaustResearchProject,org is a registered trademark of the non-profit Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team, which has created an entire family of free content projects.

New articles, information and images are generally loaded to the appropriate section of the Website. The newest additions can always be found on the "What's New" page available on top navigation bar located in the  Table of contents.

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