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The one year anniversary of the HolocaustResearchProject





Over the past century the date of  "October 8" has marked significant events in history that have managed a lasting impact on  the world stage, either for good, or for  bad.


On that same day in 1939, the armed forces of  Germany's "Third Reich" annexed Western Poland, sparking World War II and thereby enabling Adolf Hitler's much prophesied war and subsequent genocide against the Jews that later became known as the Holocaust.


Millions of souls were lost during those years of Nazi tyranny, and their passing has made the world a poorer place.


But what made the Holocaust unique is that an entire bureaucratic apparatus was created to define who and what the Jews were, where they should live or be forced to live, and eventually, to see that they would live no more.


Many say "Never Again" while shrugging off the memory of the starving, the sick, and the dead.  Those images in black and white that have somehow made it all seem so distant, almost surreal, and suggestive of some fantasy rather than harsh reality. Some have even questioned if any of it ever even happened at all.


But the Holocaust did happen, and this is one reality that cannot be denied.


On October 8th 2006, the HolocaustResearchProject website was born.


While the subject of the Holocaust has been covered in countless books, archives, editorials, films, and more recently via electronic media; the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team has chosen to cover a broad range of topics related to the SHOAH with an end goal of bridging the gap as a source of educational information and providing an Internet based memorial to those victims, survivors, and relatives of those who suffered at the hands of the Nazi regime and its collaborators.


The HolocaustResearchProject is by no means the first website to pursue such an endeavor but the members of the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team and its affiliations are dedicated to this cause and have been for several decades.


Since the inception of the the H.E.A.R.T website we have had millions of unique visitors from all over the world browse our pages, and galleries, and we have also received many thousands of letters and emails from individuals offering praise, critique, support, and thanks.


The body of work contained within this website has been meticulously researched by the contributing authors and we continuously strive to improve upon the factual correctness through new research or information. In addition we seek to provide a broad spectrum of Holocaust related information covering the victims as well as the perpetrators.


The H.E.A.R.T team maintains a regimen of archival research efforts, including field research and sanctioned archaeological expeditions, as well as sponsoring trips to Holocaust sites, photo-cataloguing, and documenting what remains of this period in world history.


There is always something to be learned, something to be shared, and someone who can be educated on the events of the Holocaust. The Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team hope this website can further that cause.


We thank you all for your kind input and we look forward to our continued research.


-The Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team



















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