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Aktion Reinhard 

Trawniki Images & Documents


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Ukranian Guards -Belzec
Ukranian Guards -Belzec

Gamaschow Trawniki Card
Gamaschow Trawniki Card

Gamaschow Trawnki Card (inside view)
Gamaschow  Card (inside view)

Huzij at Belzec

Jadziol, Pitnowij & Wlasiuk

Trawniki Bar at Belzec

Kiev Military Tribunal

Malagon No 2

Marchenko & Tkachuk

Shalayev No 2

Wlasiuk and others at Belzec

Unknown Trawkniki's

Unidentified Trawniki

Two Trawniki's

Lone Trawniki posing

Trawniki man outside barrack







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