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The Jews of the Sudetenland - Bohemia & Moravia

5/23/09The German Occupationsudetenland.html

"Ivan the Terrible"  The story of John Demjanjuk  


Felix Landau  -Diary of an Einsatzkommando      

5/14/09     Einsatzgruppenlandau.html

The Mauthausen SS & Liberation Album            


SS Doctor Franz Grassler  Claude Lanzmann  Interview


The German Persecution of Jews in Poland          

5/1/09The German Occupationjewishpersecution.html

Meir Berliner  A Brave Act of Resistance at Treblinka 

4/26/09Revolt & Resistanceberliner.html

Student Essay by Oli Fordham    

4/23/09Essays & Editorials0809e1.html

Student Essay by Hannah O'Dell 

4/23/09Essays & Editorials0809e2.html

Student Essay by Joseph Bench 

4/23/09Essays & Editorials0809e3.html

Student Essay by Spencer Worley   

4/23/09Essays & Editorials0809e4.html

Student Essay by Hannah Bigham   

4/23/09Essays & Editorials0809e5.html

Student Dissertation by Tamsin Silver

 4/23/09Essays & Editorials0809d1.html

Student Dissertation by Harriet Notley

4/23/09Essays & Editorials0809d2.html

Images of Nazi Euthanasia Facilities & T-4 Staff 


Oscar Strawczynski  "Treblinka Survivor" 

4/18/09Survivor Storiesstrawczynski .html

The Kastner Report!  Affidavit of Dr. Rudolf Kastner, former President of the Hungarian Zionist Organization           

4/13/09The German Occupationkastner.html

The Krepiecki Forest - The Actions outside Lublin         


Der Stürmer Image Gallery                                  

4/7/09Prelude to the Holocaustindex.html

Klaus Barbie - The Butcher of Lyon!                     

4/4/09The German Occupationbarbie.html

Polish Fort-Nightly Review - The starvation of Poland

4/2/09The German Occupationpolandstarved.html

Erwin Bingel - Eyewitness to Mass Murder at Uman and Vinnitsa in the Ukraine 


Chart -organizational structure of Einsatzgruppe D


Images of the Krakow Ghetto & the Holocaust    


Robert Mulka  The SS man who claimed to know nothing about Auschwitz.                              

3/16/09Other Campsmulka.html

Oswald Kaduk - SS Man at Auschwitz!                

3/9/09Other Campskaduk.html

Otwock & Zofiowka Sanitorium  "A Refuge from Hell"  


Der Stürmer   "The Jews are our misfortune"              

3/2/09Holocaust Preludedersturmer.html

Apeldoornse Bos - Deportation of Psychiatric Patients to Auschwitz                    

2/27/09The German Occupationapeldoornsebos.html

Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski SS &Police Leader Corps, responsible for anti-partisan warfare on the Eastern Front 


Chart - organizational structure of Einsatzgruppe C


Simon Wiesenthal  "The Nazi Hunter"                


Transfer of Factories from the Warsaw Ghetto -Michalsen Testimony   

2/13/09Holocaust Economicswarsawtransfer.html

Sonderkommando Revolt – Auschwitz/Birkenau  

2/8/09Revolt & Resistancesonderevolt.html

Chart -organizational structure of Einsatzgruppe B


"While Travelling" Holocaust Poem by Sara Golding

2/2/09Essays & Editorialssgpoem.html

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion [complete text]   

2/2/09Holocaust Preludeprotocols.html

Walther Rauff - Letters to the Gas Van Expert    

1/30/09Einsatzgruppen rauff.html

The LaRouche Organization As An Extremist Movement Guest publication by Matthew Feldman 

1/28/09Essays & Editorialslarouche2.html

Sonia Lewkowicz - Treblinka Survivor Testimony 

1/27/09Survivors Storiessonialewkowicz.html

Chart - organizational structure of Einsatzgruppe A


Mogilev -The fate of the Jews under the Nazi Occupation

1/17/09The German Occupationmogilev.html

The Capture of Adolf Eichmann!                         


The Rejowiec Transit Ghetto - Transit stop for the murder of Slovak Jews                             

1/8/09The German Occupationrejowiec.html

Images of the Warsaw Ghetto                        


The Hlinka Guard of Slovakia                          

12/26/08The German Occupationhlinka.html

Maly Trostinets "The Death Camp near Minsk"

12/20/08The German Occupationmalytrost.html

Testimonies to Mass Murder at Babi Yar         


The Massacre at Lidice                                  

12/12/08The German Occupationlidice.html

Images of the Jews of Slovakia                         

12/9/08The German Occupation\Slovakgalindex.html

Raoul Wallenberg - Righteous Among Nations   

12/4/08 Survivor Storieswallenberg.html

Lyndon Larouche, neo-fascism, coded anti-Semitism, and the Jeremiah Duggan Case  -Guest publication by Matthew Feldman            

12/02/08Essays & Editorialsduggan2.html

The Fate of the Slovak Jews                          

11/27/08The German Occupationslovakjews.html

Gertrude Poppert-Schonborn    “Luka”         

11/24/08Survivor Storiesluka.html

The Destruction of the Norwegian Jews          

11/20/08The German Occupationnorwayjews.html

Aktion Reinhard Train Transports  – Eyewitness Statements                                                                     

11/15/08Aktion Reinhardartransports.html

Alfred Rosenberg in Russia                             

11/12/08The German Occupationalroseninrussia.html

Jan Karksi   – Eyewitness to Horror at Izbica     11/8/08

 Survivor Storieskarskiizbica.html

Operation Barbarossa - Timeline of the German Invasion of the Soviet Union, up to the Defeat at Stalingrad  

11/6/08The German Occupation of Europeopbarb.html

The Aktion to confiscate furs from the Ghettos in Poland   -Czerniakow Diary Extracts                                   

11/3/08Holocaust Economicsfurs.html

Aharon Liebeskind - Jewish Underground Leader 

11/2/08Revolt & Resistanceliebeskind.html

The  SS Image Gallery    

10/28/08Holocaust Prelude/SSindex.html

About The SS    {Himmler's Shutzstaffel}       

10/25/08Holocaust Preludeaboutthess.html

Tarnow Ghetto – Amon Göth & the Final Deportation         

10/16/08The German Occupationtarnowdeport.html

Statement of A. Mottet - Flossenbürg Survivor  


Erich Koch  "Occupation of the Soviet Union"    

10/9/08The German Occupationerichkoch.html

Does the LaRouche Group pose a threat to individuals or a danger to society? Guest Editorial by Matthew Feldman

10/6/08Essays & Editorialslarouche.html

Plaszow Concentration Camp Joseph Bau’s – Journey Through the Past  


Jan Karksi - Inside the Warsaw Ghetto      

10/1/08Survivor Storieskarskiwarsaw.html

Dr Eberhard Karl Schongarth SS Police Commander  

9/27/08The German Occupationschongarth.html

Images of the Soviet Union under Nazi Occupation

9/24/08The German Occupationsovietgal\index.html

Jan Karski        "Righteous among nations"             

9/21/08Survivor Storieskarski.html

The Nazi Occupation of the Soviet Union          

9/16/08The German Occupationsovietunion.html

Alexander Pechersky - Leader of the Sobibor Revolt  

9/9/08Revolt & Resistancepechersky.html

Der Untermensch  "The subhuman" The Infamous Nazi Propaganda pamphlet    A H.E.A.R.T Exclusive!       

9/5/08Holocaust Preludederuntermensch.html

R. Walther Darré and the Myth of Blut & Boden  

9/2/08Holocaust Economicsdarre.html

Abraham Gancwajch and the "13" - Nazi Collaborators in the Warsaw Ghetto                              

8/29/08Revolt & ResistanceThe13.html

The Holocaust in The Independent State of Croatia: Genocide between Political Religion and Religious Politics By Matthew Feldman           

8/26/08Essays & Editorialscroationholocaust.html

The Herschel Grynszpan Story   

8/24/08Holocaust Preludegrynszpan.html

Aktion Reinhard Staff  - From Mass Murder to  Mountain Retreat

8/22/08  ARr&r4AR.html

Zbaszyn - Deportation to the Border Town Camp  

8/17/08Holocaust PreludeZbaszyn.html

Konrad Morgen "The Bloodhound Judge"     


Baldur von Schirach  "Reich Youth Leader"  

8/9/08Holocaust Preludebvs.html

Franz Suchomel speaks on the Treblinka Death Camp


The History of The Hitler Youth               

8/4/08Holocaust Preludehitleryouth.html

Julius Streicher   "The Beast of Franconia"     

8/2/08Holocaust Preludestreicher.html

Szymon Srebrnik  - Chelmno DeathCamp Survivor Testimony

7/28/08Survivor Storiessrebrnik.html

The Trial decision in the case of Josef Müller  


Wilhelm Boger - Auschwitz Political Department  

7/20/08Other Campsboger.html

Der ewige Jude    "The Eternal Jew"  

7/16/08Holocaust Preludederewigejude.html

Sigmund Freud & the Holocaust     


Michal Podchlebnik  - Chelmno DeathCamp Survivor Testimony    

7/10/08Survivor Storiespodchlebnik.html

Images of the Holocaust in Romania 

7/7/08Nazi Occupationindex.html

Lublin - The Old Airfield Camp   

7/5/08AR\Labour Campslublinairfield.html

Destruction of the Jews of Romania  

7/2/08Nazi Occupationromanianjews.html

Preben Munch-Nielsen "Rescuer of Danish Jews"  

6/29/08Survivors Storiespreben.html

Mordechai Anielewicz  Ghetto Fighter in Warsaw 


Fedor Federenko    Treblinka Guard  Brought to Justice  


Sobibor Death Camp Wachman   Interrogation of Mikhail Affanaseivitch Razgonayev     


The Chaim Kaplan Diary   


The Jewish Order Police & the Holocaust Ghettos  


Esther Raab - Sobibor Death Camp Survivor    

6/3/08Survivor Storiesraab.html

Irma Grese - Excerpts from the Belsen Trial     


The conclusion to Aktion Reinhard  


Einsatzgruppen OSR's  175 - 195   


The notorious propaganda film Jud-Süss    

5/27/08Holocaust Preludejusduss.html

Koscian - Executions and Euthanasia    


Jasenovac Extermination Camp Images       

5/21/08Other Camps\Galleries\jasengalindex.html

The Jasenovac Camp  "Terror in Croatia"      

5/19/08Other Campsjasenovac.html

Peter Menten "The looting Dutchman"   

5/15/08Holocaust Economicsmenten.html

The Belzec Memorial         


Sobibor "Jumpers" Testimony of Yacov Gurfein  

5/10/08Revolt & Resistancesobijumper.html

The Jews of Chelm & escape from the Borek forest 

5/8/08Revolt & Resistancechelmborek.html

Salomon Hercberg   Arrest of the Lodz Ghetto Prison Commandant"


Neuengamme Concentration Camp image gallery 

5/4/08Other Camps\galleries\Neugalindex.html

The Sporrenberg Interrogation "Operation Erntefest"


The Family Brichta This is the story of the Family Brichta, as recalled by Frank Bright, in his unpublished memoirs. 

4/25/08Survivors Storiesbrichta1.html

The Bielski Brothers & the Otriad 

11/23/08Revolt & Resistancebielski.html

Budzyn Labour Camp - The Leo Freitag Statement  

11/17/2008AR\labour camps\Budzyn\leofreitag.html


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